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FitGen Compete is scientifically a very advanced intra-race product developed.

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FitGen Compete is the young athlete’s best friend on the ‘big day’. This product is an advanced formulation specially created with young sportspeople in mind. It contains a host of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the correct proportions, as well as glycaemic carbohydrates. As the body’s energy provider, carbohydrates fuel immediate energy requirements during competitions. They also get stored for future use (in the form of glycogen, in the muscle). If carbs aren’t supplied steadily during exercise, stores become depleted rapidly. The hormone, insulin, drives glucose into the muscle cells. Sometimes, too much insulin is released, resulting in too much glycogen, and the dreaded ‘sugar crash’. FitGen Compete is designed in such a way as to avoid this situation, and promote optimal carb release during competing. Available in various flavours.

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