FitGen Endurance XV Rugby

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FitGen Endurance XV Rugby supplies energy to athletes who require short but intense bursts of energy, as well as athletes who require a sustained release of energy over a long period of time, without lowering the blood glucose levels after the energy burst.

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This unique formulation supplies energy to meet a young athlete’s entire spectrum of needs. Whether a short burst of energy is needed, or whether it needs to be sustained over a considerable period of time, FitGen Endurance goes the distance. This energy drink employs a ‘stacked’ carbohydrate formula, incorporating mono-, di-, tri- and polysaccharides. This covers the full scope of an athlete’s individual activity requirements, from that ‘instant energy burst’ through to that need for a sustained source of energy for longer periods of time. Contains no cane sugar (sucrose), known to cause a rapid spike in blood glucose levels, followed by a dip, leaving you fatigued. FitGen Endurance helps stabilise blood glucose levels and replaces glycogen in your muscles post-exercise. Available in various flavours.

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