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Winter Slimming Combo Deal

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Kick off this winter with this Slimming Combo and become Summer Ready!

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Success with weight loss relies heavily on regular eating with the correct proportions of top-quality food groups.  This is critical for long term success.   Slim Shake a Healthy shake provides just that.  It is a scientifically formulated ‘meal’ which stabilizes the metabolism enhancing weight loss by blood sugar stabilization, rebuilds muscles and maintains well-being.  Proteins of the highest biological availability, like the whey and casein caseinates, ensures stable and regulated protein absorption for a long-lasting effect.  These are combined with special carbohydrates, to support this long-lasting effect, which are also balanced with specific soluble and insoluble fibres for optimum gut health.  Fine tuning of these factors is critical during kilojoule restricted programmes, meal restrictions, stressed lifestyles and to maintain wellness.

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