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FitGen Vitamin B12 Plus


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All athletes need to take daily Vitamins to help build up their immune systems in preparations for strenuous training and upcoming events. FitGen MultiVite´s formulation is a very well-balanced formulation containing multi vitamins and essential minerals in amounts suitable for youth athletes.

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This nutritional supplement contains a host of the B-Vitamins, including an ample dose of water-soluble Vitamin B12. Young athletes benefit by adding Vitamin B12 to their daily nutrient intake. It assists in converting carbohydrates to glucose, resulting in an energy release. Best of all, its water solubility means the body will only store the Vitamin B12 it is lacking. Any excess will be excreted in urine. Vitamin B12 may counteract fatigue, help reduce stress, assist with healthy brain function and boost your immune system. A ‘plus’ is the addition of various other B-vitamins offering energy-release assistance and nervous system support.

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