Embracing the active life mantra, our household echoes the vibrancy of sports. Picture this: I conquered a full Iron Man, and between my husband and me, we’ve conquered multiple Comrades Marathons. Even our DNA seems to dance to the rhythm of athleticism, evident in our youngest, Ruan, whose swimming ability surfaced early on.

In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, we relied on reputed sports products until a shocking revelation unfolded. A top Comrades runner tested positive for a banned substance found in the very brand we trusted for Ruan. Panic set in – I couldn’t fathom my son facing such a predicament in the sporting arena. The quest for a youth-friendly nutritional range began, and after a relentless search, serendipity intervened at a school sports event.

Connecting with a fellow sports mom who shared my frustration, I was introduced to a pharmaceutical company and, subsequently, Dr. van Rooyen, a distinguished biochemist. Specializing in natural performance supplements, he crafted the FitGen range after thorough research into the nutritional needs of active youth. This range, designed for sports enthusiasts aged 8 and above, is manufactured by a GMP-certified pharmaceutical company.

Through this transformative journey, I’ve gained confidence that my son consumes products that are safe, drug-free, stimulant-free, and efficacious. FitGen, conceptualised by a mother for her son’s well-being, assures a commitment to safety and performance.

Now, you might wonder about Ruan’s take on the FitGen range. According to him, the sustained energy release is nothing short of remarkable, empowering him to persevere. Backed by feedback from other young athletes, he attests to a significantly faster recovery during intense training.

So, as you step into the FitGen lifestyle, envision walking this path with us, nurturing your rising stars.

Welcome to a realm where fitness meets safety, and the journey is as exciting as the destination!